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Interviewing In A New ‘Normal’ Post-COVID

The pandemic affected us all in various ways. Regardless of where we live, our income, our job, and who we are, it managed to touch us all. While some of us have inched back to a semblance of a "normal" life, others have not. However, the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and businesses will persis... Read More

Recipe: Easy gluten-free chocolate brigadeiro-filled cookies

Chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate brigadeiro truffle upgrade!  For many people, chocolate chip cookies bring back memories of childhood. They’re a classic snack or treat and loved by all. And in Brazil, brigadeiro chocolate has the same appeal–it reminds people of childhood birthdays and pa... Read More

Tips and tricks for making perfect brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are one of Brazil’s most iconic desserts. They’re a bite-sized mouthful of sweet creamy fudgy goodness that just melts in your mouth and are universally loved. You’ll routinely find them at parties and family picnics as they’re the perfect portable sweet treat to share with friends an... Read More

Celebrating Easter in Brazil: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

After Carnival, Easter is one of Brazil's biggest celebrations. It's about friends, family, and of course, chocolate. And LOTS of it. 

Brazilians are crazy about chocolate and at Easter they love to give each other chocolate eggs as a way of sharing some love and kindness with each other. Fortunately there's no shortage of chocolate eggs in Brazil. You can buy them in all shapes, sizes, and colors or even make your own. We even have a special DIY chocolate Easter egg kit just for that!

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Enhance Soft Skills In The Post-Pandemic Workplace

These days, having the technical skills and knowledge to perform a job will only take an employee so far. To become an admired and respected leader with strong leadership skills, you'll need other skills to succeed. These "soft skills" are the skills you possess beyond your technical, measurable ... Read More

The Top 10 Superpowers Of An Admin

Regardless of their seniority, administrative professionals are often the connective tissue of any team and company. They're the people that keep everyone organized, informed, and on track. They are often our unsung superheroes. Without our superhero admins, we'd all be lost. We'd be late to meet... Read More

Baking with Brigadeiro: Our Recipes for a Brigadeiro Tortilla Hack and Brigadeiro Croissants

Brigadeiro doesn’t always have to be rolled into balls and covered with toppings. It’s an incredibly versatile base or complement for other desserts. You can freeze brigadeiro, spread it, melt it, drizzle it, and more, which makes it a great option for sprucing up your favorite desserts. Here are... Read More

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