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March 30, 2022 2 min read

Carnaval is Brazil's best known party, but few people know that Carnival is the start of the countdown to Easter—an equally big celebration, just of a different kind. 

How Brazilians celebrate Easter

Brazilians celebrate Easter in many different ways. Religious people celebrate the Holy Week whereas non-religious people will focus more on spending time with their families and friends and gifting chocolate eggs. 

Chocolate fever starts just after Carnival when you see the supermarkets clear the aisles and create displays of thousands of chocolate eggs of every shape, color, and size. It’s beautiful, but overwhelming!

chocolate easter eggs in Brazilian supermarket

For a country of over 200 million people, there’s no shortage of chocolate eggs. There’s a long tradition of gifting chocolate eggs of every size and type to everyone you know. Especially large, beautifully wrapped chocolate eggs that come with an extra decadent filling or toy. There’s literally a chocolate egg for every taste and preference!

Many families will also make their own chocolate eggs at home. It’s customary to buy chocolate egg shells and then fill them with brigadeiro spread, cake, sauces, and sprinkles and then eat the entire thing with a spoon!

Brigadeiro filled chocolate easter eggs


Make your own Brazilian chocolate Easter eggs

This year we launched a new and improved BrazilianDIY Chocolate Easter Egg Kit. It’s hands-on, fun, and delicious where you can make your own filled chocolate eggs from scratch. 

We give you everything you need to make six chocolate egg shells from two different types of chocolate and then fill and decorate the eggs with brigadeiro, sprinkles, and any other pantry staples. It’s super easy and a great activity for the whole family. The hard bit will be deciding which eggs you keep and which ones you gift!

tinyB Chocolate make your own filled chocolate easter eggs with truffle


Where to buy Brazilian Easter eggs in the US 

If you're looking to buy some Brazilian chocolate Easter eggs but don't feel like making them yourself, there are options! Here's a suggestion...

One of Brazil’s most famous chocolate companies, Kopenhagen, recently launched in the USA. You can buy a wide variety of traditionalBrazilian chocolate Easter eggs from them that are filled with treats like Linguas de Gato (traditional Brazilian cookies), Laojotinha (chestnut and cashew nut cream), pão de mel (Brazilian honey cake), and marshmallow. They’re truly decadent Easter eggs that are not to be missed! 

Kopenhagen Brazilian chocolate Easter eggs in USA

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