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March 07, 2022 2 min read

Here at tinyB, women are at the heart of everything we do. Our brigadeiros are made by women, we have a female-founder, we work with brigadeiro (which is closely linked to female empowerment in Brazil) and we’re all continuously inspired by amazing women.  

It’s safe to say that Women’s History Month is a time for celebration for us, but also a time to support other Brazilian and female-owned businesses here in America. 

While the list could be long, here are a few of our favorite US-based Brazilian businesses:

Mamamade By Elisa

Elisa is a super talented Bay Area based woodworker, who makes Montessori-inspired toys. Last year, we partnered with Elisa to make our funKids Party Kit. Since then, she has also lovingly crafted a selection of handmaderectangular andcircular wooden brigadeiro serving trays just for us. Each tray can hold 12 brigadeiros or can be flipped over and used for a cheese board or anything else you might want to serve up! You can see how much her customers love her onEtsy.

Bows by HaLi

Hana and Liana are Texas-based Brazilian mompreneurs who founded Bows by Hali, a stylish startup that’s all about finding the right accessory for the right occasion. They share our love for style, having fun, and special occasions, and make a wide variety of hair accessories to suit all tastes. They also run a hair accessory subscription model for women and girls alike. Together we created a special collection of hair accessories with atinyB print of mini brigadeiros

Yummy Honey Bit

Honey cake (aka Pão de Mel) is a famous Brazilian dessert that we all grow up on. It’s a bit like European gingerbread. It’s dense, moist, spice with cinnamon and nutmeg, and sweetened with honey. Yummy Honey Bit is a Florida-based family owned and operated business that makes the most delicious honey cakes stuffed with a wide variety of fillings. 

Kopenhagen Chocolate

Kopenhagen is a Brazilian chocolate company with a long and rich history. It was started by a Latvian couple who immigrated to Brazil in the 1920s. They originally focused on producing marzipan, however they soon expanded into chocolate. Kopenhagen is now a Brazilian institution that has now made it to the United States! Some of our favorites include their Nha Benta chocolate covered marshmallows, linguas de gato, and chumbinho chocolate balls. We’re also partnering with them for our 2022 DIY Easter Brigadeiro Kit, so get excited!

Everyday Pattern

Everyday Pattern is a small Bay Area design studio founded by Brazilian designer, Mariana Agmont. She designs and makes handmade patterns and pretty products for everyday life. Her patterns are easily recognized by their bright, bold colors and inspiration from nature. Mariana also helped us design a lot of our signature tinyB prints, like the ones on our kitchen walls and our tinyB boxes. 


Who are your favorite Brazilian brands and businesses here in the US?

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