Milk Chocolate Lovers

Milk Chocolate Lovers

These traditional brigadeiros will win your heart with one bite, just as they captured the heart of a nation in the 1940s when brigadeiros were first invented.

Made from delicious creamy milk chocolate (58% cocoa), individually hand-rolled, and coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate sprinkles, these Brazilian treats seem simple but are still deliciously complex.

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SHELF LIFE -  2 weeks at room temperature. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservativesartificial flavors or compounds. For best results, store confections at or just below room temperature in an odor-free environment. If Refrigerated, they will last longer. You can even freeze them up to  6 months

Type: Chocolate

- Made from local, organic ingredients
- Gluten-free and preservative-free
- Beautifully gift-packed
- Hand made to order in San Francisco

I love TinyB brigadeiros! Their traditional milk chocolate is incredibly delicious. I also loved the dark version. It's a crafted gourmet desert. I dare to say that it tastes better than the brigadeiros traditionally made in Brazil. The quality of TinyB is so high that I can abuse and eat 5 at once and still feels very light. I'm also very impressed with the packaging. I recommend as an amazing gift.

5 star brigadeiro
- Elizabeth S.
Redwood City, CA

I love these truffles! They are different in that they have a softer texture but they're so good! Milk chocolate is still my favorite. :)

5 star brigadeiro
- Milena B.
San Francisco, CA

Handmade Artisan treats. Smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious! Gold medal for presentation and taste. A terrific gift for the chocolate lover!

5 star brigadeiro
- marinella di matteo

I ordered a box of 24 brigadeiros for my partner's bday this week and i just wish I had ordered more because we ate almost all of them that night! Almost none left for our guests. These were SO delicious! Every flavour was delightful, and we debated about our favorites. My favorite might be the dark chocolate or almond dark chocolate. Tiny B was SO responsive to all my emails. I was a bit nervous placing a last minute order because of the timing. They were so helpful throughout the order placing process. I received the box right when I expected, and the presentation was beautiful. Great business, with the most delicious product! I can't wait to give these out as gifts...way better than a box of the usual Sees candy. Thank you, Andrei and Renata.

5 star brigadeiro
- Reem D.
Mountain View, CA

My girlfriend and I took a spontaneous day trip to visit the City. After a full day of fun, I decided to surprise her by stopping by for chocolates. Not any chocolate, but handmade Brazilian chocolate! My girl follows TinyB Chocolates on Instagram, so since we were in San Francisco, it'd be a shame not to! I love seeing her smile. TinyB Chocolates is special- made her smile! :) "T'was a good day when a gal can wear red lips and eat handmade Brazilian chocolates." - beautycounterbytruc

5 star brigadeiro
- Steven N.
Los Angeles, CA

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