A Different Kind of Chocolate Truffle

Born in Brazil, Made in San Francisco

A chocolate truffle is to dessert what champagne is to wine: a celebration of taste, intensity, with a touch of luxury and decadence.  Little known in the US, Brazil's national dessert is a chocolate truffle with a twist. Called a "brigadeiro" (pronounced brig-a-day-row), condensed milk gives it a unique twist: an intensity and smoothness that's usually associated with ganache. Unlike a typical chocolate truffle, a brigadeiro's outside is soft, just like the inside and it comes with a variety of toppings: almonds, pistachios, coconut - whatever sounds good at the moment.
In Brazil, it's offered at every birthday and wedding, adding a sweetness to gatherings of friends.

Gourmet, Made-to-Order 

We're tinyB chocolate, a family-run company in San Francisco, specializing in brigadeiros. Everything we do is made-to-order, 100% gluten-free and organic.  

Tasting this chocolate truffle is an experience you'll never forget. And at 55 calories each, you won't taste the guilt.