DIY Brigadeiro Cookie Kit - Easy, Delicious and Fun

DIY Brigadeiro Cookie Kit - Easy, Delicious and Fun

An easy, fun DIY activity to make your own DELICIOUS chocolate brigadeiro-filled cookies. Perfect for adults and kids alike.

These cookies are famous for their buttery richness and surprise chocolate brigadeiro center that oozes with each bite. Just add an egg and butter to the mix, stuff each cookie with dark chocolate brigadeiro, and bake.

15 minutes later and you’ll be rewarded with the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies. They’re hard to resist!

Kit contains: mix, brigadeiro spread, and instructions
- Makes approximately 8 large cookies
Gluten-free and preservative-free
- Made in San Francisco


You can also buy our brigadeiro cookies ready-made or learn to make your own with our Brigadeiro Cookie Kit

Looking for a virtual team building?

Our DIY cookie making experience can also be a fun virtual team building activity hosted by one of our chocolatiers.

Over 750 teams and 26,000 participants in 52 different countries experienced our events. We hope to host your team soon!

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