DIY Chocolate Brigadeiro Making Kit - Create Your Own Confectionery Magic

Unleash Your Inner Chocolatier with Our DIY Brigadeiro Kit


Discover the joy of chocolate-making with our DIY Chocolate Brigadeiro Kit, a delightful way to unleash your creativity and indulge in the art of crafting delicious chocolate truffles. Perfect for solo adventures or fun times with friends, this kit requires no cooking and is all about the joy of creation!

Key Features:

  • Easy and Fun to Make: No cooking required! Just roll and decorate to your heart's content.
  • Choose-Your-Own Adventure: Mix and match ingredients based on taste, texture, or appearance for a personalized experience.
  • Two Chocolate Centers: Choose from two different types of chocolate centers to start your brigadeiro journey.
  • Four Fun Toppings: Get creative with a variety of four toppings, each adding a unique twist to your creations.
  • Colorful tinyBox Packaging: Everything you need is beautifully packaged in our vibrant tinyBox, ready to inspire.
  • Makes 12-16 Brigadeiros: Enough ingredients to make a delightful batch of your own chocolate truffles.

Why Choose Our DIY Brigadeiro Kit?

  • For Chocolate Lovers of All Ages: Whether you're a seasoned confectioner or a budding chocolatier, this kit is perfect for everyone.
  • Ideal for Team Building: Transform this kit into a fun virtual team-building activity with guidance from our expert chocolatiers.
  • A Perfect Gift: Surprise someone special with the gift of chocolate-making, packaged in a charming box.

Ready to Craft Your Chocolate Delights? Order Your Kit Today!

* Over 1,200 teams and 52,000 participants in 54 different countries experienced our DIY truffle making experience. We can’t wait to host your team!

DIY Chocolate Kit includes:

2x brigadeiro centers (Dark Chocolate and Quatro Leches), 4x fun toppings, accessories, DIY instructions

- Serves 1-2 people
- Made by hand
- Locally sourced ingredients
- All natural ingredients
- Gluten-free and preservative-free
- No artificial colors or flavors


Room temperature - up to 2 weeks (If Refrigerated, they will last longer)
Frozen - up to 6 months 

Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservatives, artificial flavors or compounds.