Brigadeiro Party Box with Handmade Wooden Tray - Elegance and Flavor in One

Celebrate in Style with Our Limited Edition Party Box of Brigadeiros


Elevate your celebrations with our special Limited Edition Party Box, a tribute to the joyous spirit of Brazilian festivities. This exclusive collection not only includes 24 delectable brigadeiros but also features a beautifully crafted wooden serving tray, a collaboration with the talented Brazilian entrepreneur and creator, @mamamadebyelisa. This unique tray, lovingly handmade in her workshop, adds a touch of elegance and versatility to your hosting essentials.

Key Features:

  • Generous Assortment: Our Party Box contains 24 artisan brigadeiros, perfect for sharing at any gathering.
  • Versatile Wooden Tray: Designed to elegantly display 12 brigadeiros, the tray can also be flipped over for use as a chic wooden platter.
  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each tray is a work of art, individually crafted with care and attention to detail.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or simply a get-together, this Party Box adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Celebrating Craftsmanship: In partnership with @mamamadebyelisa, this box celebrates the skill and creativity of Brazilian artisans.

Why Our Party Box is a Must-Have:

  • Unmatched Aesthetics: The combination of exquisite brigadeiros and a stylish tray makes for an unforgettable presentation.
  • Ideal for Gifting: Packaged with elegance, it's an impressive gift that's sure to delight.
  • Limited Edition: This exclusive collection is available only for a short time, making it a unique addition to any celebration.
  • Gluten-free

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Just pick up to 6 flavors from our ever-growing list of classic and creative brigadeiros. During checkout, enter your flavors in the section called “A message to tinyB”. Our team will take care of everything so you can plan your party!

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Frozen - up to 6 months

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