15 Brigadeiros - Classic Assortment

15 Brigadeiros - Classic Assortment

If you’re new to brigadeiros or looking for a classic gift, then look no further than our Classic Assortment! This delicious collection of 15 traditional Brazilian brigadeiros is perfect for a small dinner party or family.

Handcrafted by chocolatier Renata Stoica and her team, this hand-picked assortment includes our most popular brigadeiro flavors. With a mix of dark and milk chocolate, pistachios, almonds, and coconut, it has something for everyone.

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INGREDIENTS: Sweetened organic condensed milk, Semisweet chocolate, butter, cocoa powder. May contain fruits and nuts. 

SHELF LIFE -  2 weeks at room temperature. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservativesartificial flavors or compounds. For best results, store confections at or just below room temperature in an odor-free environment. If Refrigerated, they will last longer. You can even freeze them up to  6 months

Type: Gift Box



- 5 Flavors included: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Almond & Dark Chocolate, Pistachio & Dark Chocolate, Coconut & Cream
- Made from local, organic ingredients
- Gluten free and preservative free
- Beautifully gift-packed
- Hand made to order in San Francisco


I don't know why I never reviewed this place before. I tried them years ago when they were just making them inside their house. If you wanted a unique gift or something different than your typical box of chocolate, this is definitely a must try!!! I ordered a box to surprise my friend and she loved it.

5 star brigadeiro
- Julie C.
San Diego, CA

I ordered these delicious Brazilian chocolates many time. Once for a huge networking event that I put on. And other times for myself, or for friend's birthdays. These are the best chocolates. They make excellent wedding favors, and a wonderful gift for a friend. I would highly recommend ordering some. You will not be disappointed!

5 star brigadeiro
- Marianne Dove

Fantastic brigadeiros. Definitely recommend.

5 star brigadeiro
- Frederico Shinohara

Everything is delicious! Best costumer service I ever received. I got VERY excited when I discovered they are delivering during quarantine.

5 star brigadeiro
- Rafaella Pedroso

These have addictive properties. Be warned. Absolutely delicious. I bought 2 boxes (one for me and one for a Brazilian friend) of the 15 classic assortment. I wish I had bought 3 boxes because my husband and I destroyed those 15 in 24 hours. The coconut one was my favorite, but I got straight up insane, biting chocolates in half and creating super chocolates with the other half. I did the pickup in South City and it was easy to get to, and the place smelled so strongly of chocolate, I could smell it through my 4-layered mask. Made fresh. Tastes fresh.

5 star brigadeiro
- Lorelei C.
San Francisco, CA

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