Women's DIY Brigadeiro Kit - Empowerment in Every Bite

Celebrate Women's Creativity and Strength with Our Limited Edition Women's DIY Brigadeiro Kit with Tote Bag


Honor Women's History Month and the remarkable women in your life with our specially curated Women's DIY Brigadeiro Kit. This kit is not just about creating delicious brigadeiros; it's a celebration of women's resilience, creativity, and strength. Inside, you'll find everything required to craft your own brigadeiros, including centers, toppings, and tools. The process is simple, fun, and a delightful way to express your culinary creativity.

Key Features:

  • Complete Brigadeiro Making Experience: Comes with all the essentials to make and decorate brigadeiros, offering a joyful and straightforward experience.
  • Exclusive Tote Bag by Renata Galeano: Each kit includes a beautiful tote bag with a unique design that embodies the essence of womanhood, created by Brazilian fashion and art rising star Renata Galeano.
  • Easy and Fun: Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, with no cooking required.
  • Celebrate Women's Achievements: A tribute to women's contributions and strengths, making it an ideal gift or personal keepsake.

Why Choose Our Women's DIY Brigadeiro Kit?

  • For the Empowered Woman: Celebrate the spirit of womanhood with a creative and enjoyable activity.
  • Unique and Meaningful Gift: Show appreciation for the women in your life with a gift that's both thoughtful and delightful.
  • Support Women in Art and Fashion: Embrace a piece of work by Renata Galeano, a symbol of female artistry and empowerment.

Join the Celebration of Women's Creativity - Order Your Limited Edition Kit Today! 

    The DIY kit includes:
    2x brigadeiro centers (Dark Chocolate and Coconut), 5x toppings, accessories, instructions
    Makes 12-16 brigadeiros

    - Made by hand
    - Locally sourced ingredients
    - All natural ingredients
    - Gluten-free and preservative-free
    - No artificial colors or flavors
    - Keep refrigerated


    Room temperature - up to 2 weeks (If Refrigerated, they will last longer)
    Frozen - up to 6 months 

    Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservatives, artificial flavors or compounds.


    Looking for a FUN team building experience?

    Our Women’s  DIY Kit can also be a fun virtual team building activity hosted by one of our chocolatiers.

    Over 70.000  participants from 1,600 teams in 54 different countries have already experienced our DIY truffle making experience. We hope to host your team soon!