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November 10, 2021 3 min read

You’ve seen the headlines and likely been impacted:Global supply chains have been upended and itdoesn’t look like it’s going to improve any time soon.

COVID is currently the biggest contributor to the chaos. Consumers have been driving up demand with a flood of online purchases. Lockdowns and social distancing measures have both affected manufacturing. There’s a shortage of raw materials and packaging.

supply chain disruption graph

And while we tend to think these disruptions will only hit some sectors or impact the availability of our usual Amazon purchases, Moody’s Analytics demonstrates these disruptions are now showing up ‘at every corner’. It’s aperfect storm for businesses and consumers. Especially those in event planning.

A couple of years ago, it was possible to organize and host a team event in a week. Not ideal, probably hard, but definitely possible. However, these days, if you want to plan and run an event that’s worthy of your team’s time, it’s likely impossible with the current supply chain disruptions.

5 Ways To Plan Ahead And Ensure A Successful Holiday Event

1. Start Planning EARLY

Check out our other blog post on the importance of whyplanning ahead is key to a successful party for more tips!

2. Use A Reputable Event Planner

While some business owners think organizing events is easy and straightforward without the use of an event planner or company, others have discovered the benefits of bringing the experts in. Especially when it counts.Like now.

Event planners often have expert knowledge of their industry, can anticipate appropriate needs for contingency plans, and have grown a strong network of contacts for all the needs of an event. When you invest in hiring an expert team event company, liketinyB Chocolate, or a dedicated stand-alone Event Planner you’ll be able to show up on the day knowing that everything is taken care of and your team is going to have a valuable gathering. No stress, and no worries!

contact tinyb chocolates to avoid supply chain disruptions

3. Allow For Extra Delivery Time Of Supplies

If you’re ordering supplies from another part of the country or hosting a turnkey team event with supplies that are sent in advance, it’s best to allow some extra time for delivery. Even local deliveries are currently facing significant delays.

supply chain disruptions for shipping

We recommend scheduling delivery of any supplies at least 10 days in advance of your event. If you do not know exactly what supplies you will need, you may:

  • Look into return policies and over-order.
  • Purchase supplies that you know you can use for other purposes, if necessary, to avoid waste.
  • Plan an event that includes material that you may not use or can be reused after the event.

    4. Choose Supplies That Have A Longer Shelf Life

    Opt for events that include items that are non-perishable or have a longer shelf-life, and then order them well in advance of the event (see item #3). That way you’ll avoid any of the current stock ruptures, delivery delays, and rescheduled events.

    5. Identify A Plan B

    It’s best practice to identify backup suppliers, stakeholders, presenters, and venues. It might also be worthwhile to take out any necessary insurance policies on bigger events to ensure you’re not hit with the financial consequences of cancelling and rescheduling events or ordering last minute supplies with overnight delivery.

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