Raspberry Brigadeiro

Raspberry Brigadeiro

This enchantingly beautiful brigadeiro has a refreshing flavor and exotic look that sums up the vibes and colors of summer.

Mixed with a touch of citrus and coated in real freeze-dried raspberry pieces, this brigadeiro is fun, fresh, and fruity. Pair it with sparkling wine, your daily chardonnay, or even a seltzer for a summery treat!

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INGREDIENTS: Sweetened organic condensed milk, Semisweet chocolate, butter, cocoa powder. May contain nuts and fruits.

SHELF LIFE -  2 weeks at room temperature. Our products are best if consumed immediately as they do not include preservativesartificial flavors or compounds. For best results, store confections at or just below room temperature in an odor-free environment. If Refrigerated, they will last longer. You can even freeze them up to  6 months

Type: Flavor

- Made from local, organic ingredients
- Gluten-free and preservative-free
- Beautifully gift-packed
- Hand made to order in San Francisco

Tinyb brigadeiros are perfect morsels of chocolate. Their shape, surface, and packaging are elegantly and beautifully designed. They make a fantastic present for almost any holiday -- or just to say "thank you" or "I'm thinking of you." Everyone I've given them to has been delighted to receive them. The only bad thing is they disappear incredibly quickly!

5 star brigadeiro
- Avi T.
San Francisco, CA

It is hard to impress me in terms of chocolate, but when I put TinyB brigadeiros in my mouth, I was absolutely delighted. Partially because of the taste--they came in innovative favors that seemed to melt in my mouth, plus it was such a novelty for me to try a type of chocolate that I had never heard of (!) It's hard to find unique gifts, and this holiday season I didn't feel like giving out the typical Godiva, Tile etc. I was thrilled to have a new trick up my sleeve. People loved them! Plus, you can customize gifts with sweet hand-written messages. I came to pick up my order at TinyB's headquarters, and I toured their kitchen. The chocolates were handmade by a team of the warmest Brazilian women, full of love and soul. I'm a total sucker for product story , so this sealed the deal for me. I'm an official TinyB fanatic:)

5 star brigadeiro
- Yael M.
San Francisco, CA

When we got these amazing chocolates, they arrived in such a beautiful presentation, as well as one of the best chocolate I've ever ever tasted. Their professionalism and very knowledgeable was a great experience and will only buy There chocolate. As a business owner myself I know I can always count on this company to give me the best service and the best chocolates for my clients. They get five stars.

5 star brigadeiro
- Maria J.
San Bruno, CA

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