Contacting the tinyB Event Team

Mari - Sales

  • Best to reach about booking a new event.

Christine - Logistics & Support

  • Customer Success Manager
  • (415) 689-9676

      Andrea - Event

      • Director of Events

        Andrei - Co-Founder

        • Co-Founder
        • (650) 644-8899
        • If you are not able to receive timely answers to any questions, feel free to reach out.

            Event Set Up

            Event Time & Date

            You'll receive a calendar invitation which will be our official event time.
            Please do not change the meeting time because that will cause confusion.
            The invitation will contain:

            • Date and time of the event
            • Virtual conference call link.
            • Name and phone number of the tinyB Event Lead
            • You have modification permissions, so feel free to invite your team to the meeting.


            Kits are not heat sensitive since the chocolate is already in jars.
            At room temperature, Kits remain fresh for 3 weeks. If refrigerated, they are good for 6 weeks
            and if frozen, for 3 months.

            Dietary Restrictions & Allergies

            All kits are gluten-free, have no preservatives.
            Kits can be chocolate-free at no additional cost.
            We include white chocolate or coconut and cream
            Kits can be nut-free at no additional cost
            Vegan options are available for an additional $7 per Kit.

            Communicating with Your Team

            Part of the fun is building up excitement and anticipation, so we make the process easier by
            giving you:

            • an email and a PDF describing the event that encourage sign ups
            • an email with Kit storage instructions and the options to have available for the experience


                The Party kit serves 4, so partners and children can join, too.
                Children as young as 5 have a great time playing with chocolate and it's a special treat.
                There is no additional cost for more participants.

                Online Event

                A tinyB chocolatier can lead a meeting for $150 for all participants.
                We suggest 60 to 90 minutes, but we've had events that are shorter or longer.
                Generally, the larger the group, the more time we suggest.

                Number of Participants

                We have hosted groups of 5 and 100+.
                The first part of the event is identical regardless of group size.
                We vary the group activities at the end depending on group size.

                Where can you do it?

                You can do it at your desk, but we suggest finding counter space in the kitchen because it's fun
                to grab random ingredients from your pantry and pair them with chocolate.


                Participant Addresses

                We will provide you with either a Google Sheet where you can enter employee addresses or a
                Google Form where participants can sign up on their own.
                Please notify us when you complete the list and when you add to the list.
                Notify tinyB immediately if you would like additional headcount.
                International addresses must have a phone number and an email address for delivery. An
                alternate address is a plus.

                Shipping Rates and Times

                Destination Normal Rush
                Bay Area 1 day $15 1 day $15
                US 3-4 business
                Delays possible
                $15 2-3 business days guaranteed $45 - $75
                International 5 business days +
                Customs delay
                See below Not Available

                Sample International Rates:
                Canada - $70
                UK, Germany, NL - $105
                Taiwan - $89
                Brazil - $125
                Customs may add additional delays and additional fees. All international packages require a phone number and email of the recipient and, if possible, an alternate address before we ship


                Sunday Monday Tuesdy Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
                Head count
                tinyB virtual choclate party event happens this week

                Please see the sample calendar.
                Payment Deadline - due on reservation. The event time is only reserved once payment is
                Headcount Deadline - Wednesday, 3 weeks before the week of the event
                tinyB needs final confirmation of headcount and addresses.
                If missed: tinyB may charge an additional 10% for each Kit.
                Address Deadline
                Thursday, 3 weeks before the event US: Thursday, 4pm, two weeks before the event If missed: tinyB may have to charge Rush Shipping. Change of address: tinyB may have to ship an additional package and charge for an additional headcount

                Important Dates

                Production Date - Monday two weeks before the event.
                Final headcount determined.
                US Shipping Date - Monday of the week before the event

                Headcount Changes

                Peak season is November 1 to December 31.
                Headcount reduction during off-Peak Season:
                We are able to decrease headcount up to 25% of the order 5 weeks in advance of the event.
                We are able to decrease headcount up to 10% of the order 3 weeks in advance of the event.
                Headcount reduction during Peak Season:
                We are able to decrease headcount up to 10% of the order 3 weeks in advance of the event.
                Headcount additions can usually be accommodated, but may incur rush fees for production if
                they occur after the Production Date. Pls ask our Client Success Manager for details.

                Rescheduling & Cancellation

                Events can be rescheduled for a credit of 50% of the value of the Kits and 100% of the value of
                shipping and Chocolatier.
                For events Off-Peak Season, our cancellation policy is:

                •  Four Weeks before event: 100% refund
                •  Before the Shipping Deadline:
                Shipping - 100% refund
                Chocolatier - 100% refund
                Kits - no refund
                For events during Peak Season, our cancellation policy is:
                •  Eight Weeks before event: 100% refund
                •  Four Weeks before event:
                Shipping - 100% refund
                Kits, Chocolatier - 50% refund
                •  After the Production Deadline: No Refunds. We are happy to ship you the chocolate kits