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Brazilian Chocolate Truffles

Brazilian Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are the champagne of chocolate: a celebration of taste, intensity, with a touch of luxury and decadence.  Made-to-order truffles make the experience that much more personal.

Little known in the US, Brazil's national dessert is a truffle. Called a "brigadeiro" (pronounced brig-a-day-row), it stands apart because it's made with condensed milk. This gives it an intensity and smoothness that's sometimes found only in ganache, while the outside is soft, unlike traditional truffles.
In Brazil, it's offered at every birthday and wedding, adding a sweetness to gatherings of friends.

Gourmet, Made-to-Order 

At tinyB chocolate, we make fresh Brazilian truffles, that are 100% gluten-free and organic. Everything is made in San Francisco, from fine local ingredients. 

Experience a taste you'll never forget. And at 55 calories each, you won't taste the guilt.


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